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Wine culture has always been closely linked to Quiroga’s town. The craftsmanship of this product was always part of the daily life of the people of our region. Strains, just as the olive and chestnut trees are integrated into an unique landscape full of contrasts.

The grape varieties that we can find in this area are:

White varieties Loureira, Treixadura, Godello, Dona Branca, Branco Lexítimo, Caíño Branco, Albariño e Torrontés.
Red varieties Mencía, Brancellao, Tempranillo, Sousón, Caíño Tinto, Caíño Longo, Caíño Bravo, Garnacha Tintureira, Mouratón, Gran Negro e Merenzao

The artisanal elaboration of this product was always part of the daily life of the people of our village. As vines, do the same as olives and chestnut trees, integrate into a singular landscape and a cheape of contrasts.


The wide valley of Quiroga encaixase nunha das denominations of protected origin of vineyards of Galicia known as Ribeira Sacra, specifically in the Quiroga-Bibei subzone. As it was said that or Miño rose to fame and or Sil a auga in Quiroga, something similar happens because of the higher production of the Ribeira Sacra vineyard, producing these terras.

Thus, in Quiroga we can find different wineries belonging to the Protected Designation of Origin:

Val de Quiroga S.L.

Atrium Vitis.

Lar de Ricobao.

Bodegas E.D.V.


Casa de Outeiro.