The alpendre

El alpendre was one of the main rooms of the traditional house. In this section we can find the elements related to agriculture and livestock, activities that led to an important part of daily life on these lands in a not-so-distant past.
Quiroga’s population had always close links with agriculture and livestock. Both in the parishes of the mountain, as in the valley. The work in the fields and livestock assumed the fundamental basis for the livelihoods of people.
Today, the reality is quite different: a declining and aging population striking in rural areas, the progressive concentration of residents in the town of Quiroga and the emergence of new sources of income, among other factors, led to agricultural and livestock activities to reduce its importance or disappeared altogether.

Today, the only crop that remains relevant and charges annually increasing is the wine.

As it couldn’t be otherwise, old farming tools were replaced by the latest technologies, and wooden plows, harrows, yokes, ox carts, and litter, etc, were forgotten.
In this room called “O Pendello” essential at any home, have been recovered much of the elements that were once prominent part of everyday life for most of the neighbors.