Quiroga, literary territory

Ernesto Guerra Da Cal
Eduardo Moreira
Anxel Fole
Manuel María
Dora e Pura Vázquez Iglesias
Padre Luis Losada

The project “Quiroga, literary territory” brings us a literary route (it can be done by foot or in any vehicle) that goes through the places related to six writers who were, to a greater or lesser degree, influenced by the microcosm of the Quiroga lands.
It is not a closed project, for the first phase six well-known deceased writers were selected: Pura and Dora Vázquez, Ernesto Guerra da Cal, Eduardo Moreiras, Luis Losada, Ánxel Fole and Manuel María. The route of the writers linked in life and work with Quiroga must grow because not all of them are…

The literary route within the open-air museum proposal “Art no ar”, offers the possibility of knowing places deeply linked to the mentioned authors, for different reasons: Pura and Dora Vázquez lived in Quiroga as children; Ernesto Guerra da Cal, with a family from Quiroga, lived with his aunt in various places in the town during his childhood and adolescence; Eduardo Moreiras was born in Quiroga and frequently returned to these lands to explore valleys, rivers and mountains; Luis Losada was born in the San Vitoiro of the 18th century; Ánxel Fole lived in Veiguiña to protect its integrity after the Civil War; Manuel María’s grandmother was from the Hospital, and he also made deep friends in these lands that prompted him to dedicate a marvelous work to her, made up of 30 sonnets.

Incorporated into the interpretation, accessible through any mobile device, you can listen to selected fragments of his works, thanks to the collaboration of several neighbors and, above all, the educational communities of CEIP and IES de Quiroga.